Friday, December 03, 2010

Advantage: Me

I'm standing at a gas station trying to get my dad to answer his cell phone. After filling up the gas tank of my car I realized the car key had broken off in the ignition. I've been fruitlessly attempting to connect with my Dad and I need him to drive over and bring the spare key. While I'm on the phone a homeless man walks up...

Hobo: Excuse me, can you spare...
Me: Oh, hey. Can I borrow 60 bucks?
Hobo: Uh...I don't...
Me: That's what a locksmith is going to cost to get my car running. Can I have some money?
Hobo:  Sir...I don't have...
Me:  But you're wearing a nicer coat than I am.

Homeless man turns and walks away.

Me: Yeah, right! How do you like it, dude?


  1. I used to do that all the time in my 20s. I don't get approached on the street much anymore, but back in the day I could spot someone who was about to ask me for money and would ask them for a dollar before they could ask me. Worked every time.

  2. I wish. You can't go anywhere in San Diego without getting hit up.


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