Monday, December 13, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 16

Planet Comics #50 (September 1947) reveals a second attempt to infiltrate and raid Mysta's fortress in as many chapters. This time Bat-Men of Jupiter are able to circumvent Mysta's security measures by pretending to be a ship in distress. The robot is superfluous in this entry and Bron reveals a little more of one of the  reasons Mysta keeps him around. When he worriedly cautions the Smartest Woman in the Universe against fiddling with some controls Mysta condescendingly lectures him. Obviously, Bron is kept in the fortress not for his brains but for his brawn. I promise that's the last time I'll make that onomatopoeic reference.  

The aliens of the Mystaverse may also reveal more of what the pre-Mars society was like. The aliens may be alien only because they are different from the accepted norm, not because they evolved independently. Given that the majority of the aliens thus far revealed are variations of the humanoid form it may be that they are basic human stock, modified to work in different environments. After civilization fell they were basically abandoned and left to fend for themselves and it is now, an unknown amount of time later that the various races are large enough in number or advanced enough to exercise a certain independence from their previous employers/masters. It may be that the criminal, subterranean and centaur creatures of the previous chapters are emerging as a force who want the advantages the rest of the populated planets further along in their recovery are enjoying. 

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 00

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 01

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 02

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 03

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 04

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 05

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 06

Planet Comics 50 - Mysta (Sept 1947) 07

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