Sunday, December 05, 2010

A long, long talk with the hands of time

There have been a number of bands with the name of Jesters and info is hard to find on this particular early-1960s iteration of the band that claimed that name. I discovered the song Hands of Time on a compilation of obscure 60s garage bands a few months ago and decided to include it on a Lazy Sunday post.

The bridge is a bit jarring as the tone swings from bubblegum to moaning teen age depression over the span of a few lines but I like it anyways. Since the world is bereft of any real video of the band performing or information about them I tossed a bunch of random photos to accompany the tune. The photos are a bit more interesting than a 3 minute static image of a .45 record anyways.

I shared the video with a few women I know and they got all teary-eyed, cheered up at the one funny image and then got all weepy again. Go figure. Though I think the video that took all of five minutes to create is kind of High School-ish and MySpacey here it is anyways.

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