Monday, December 20, 2010

Mysta of the Moon - Chapter 17

Planet Comics #51 (November 1947) brings new dimension to Mysta's personality. In her origin, Mysta and her brother were experimented as adolescents upon, having the entirety of knowledge transferred to their minds. Not having the opportunity to mature naturally Mysta's brother became insane ofter the treatment. Forced to kill her brother, Mysta may have been too traumatized to process events rationally. She withdrew, perhaps into a different insanity and used her knowledge to build a fortress on a moon. From that remote location she toiled for years doling out knowledge in pieces and guiding humanity as they recovered from the devastation fomented by the alien entity, the so-called Mars, God of War.

In this issue which takes place in the far future of 1997, Mysta for the first time displays an emotional tie to her assistant Bron (though typically for Mysta less emotion for a victim killed directly through her actions). Also, a telling embrace Mysta does not recoil from on-panel reveals that a long-repressed sexuality or brother-complex is emerging. Hopefully future issues will reveal that misplaced feelings of guilt for her brother are not being transferred to Bron and that she is becoming instead a whole person. Whatever is happening between Mysta and Bron it is sure to be further complicated by the fact that Bron is not Bron, he was a spy sent to impersonate the real lab assistant to Mysta. Even though Faux-Bron has earned his redemption this complication is something that Mysta oddly, for all her intelligence, has chosen to repress or use in some plan of hers.

Oh, and in this chapter there is a big prison break.

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 00

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 01

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 02

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 03

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 04

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 05

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 06

Planet Comics 51 - Mysta (Nov 1947) 07

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