Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dig that dead horse up and beat it again

I don't get the concept of ComicSpace yet. It doesn't seem to do much. I never understood MySpace for that matter, but then I'm not trolling for nymphomaniac pre-teen girl sluts who like to party, either. I guess there are more features that will debut later. Right now it is a forum for linking people and spam-bots that share a common interest and that's kind of cool.

I received a request from James Meeley to be my friend. This begs the questions: Does he need friends? Doesn't he have his own friends and is fully capable of maintaining them on his own? Does he need my help as a friend? I'd hate to invest myself to the level of internet friendship emotionally and accept his link only to be told later to "cease and desist" being a pal. I'm worried that linking him to my Friends List on ComicSpace may upset him and then I would have one less friend.

I'll have to check out Mr. Meeley later and give some thought to it. Right now, though I'm really interested in having these two guys as my good friends!


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  1. That's just funny.

    I don't get the point of it yet either. So far its just a popularity meter and that's kind of fun for a weekend, but there needs to be a good reason to bother with it any longer.

    Could be useful to keep track of webcomics once they get that feature up.


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