Monday, March 05, 2007

Comic Book Ad: Innnocent then or were consumers oblivious?

Innocuous in 1949 when it was published in Polly Pigtails #42, today this ad is about as creepy as it can be and is about as bad as that awful Underoos commercial showing kids dancing around in underwear with comic book characters printed on them.

Polly #42 - Old Ad  (Just wrong)


  1. It was a more innocent and less Pc age then .Not sure what time period I would rather live.Well probably now as I love my dvds and pc games hehe :)

  2. The recent Dark Horse Little Lulu reprints featured a story where Lulu goes to the beach and is topless in just swim bottoms (no distinguishing characteristics or details, just all she's wearin' is a bottom). I recently dug out some of my early seventies Golden Comics Digests and there's the same story, but with a black tank top inked on Lulu. So it looks like what was innocuous in the forties and fifties quickly became a matter to address by the seventies.

  3. Albert Fish died in the electric chair a dozen years before this was published. For doing...not nice things. It apparently wasn't genuinely "a more innocent and less PC" age. There were things you just did NOT acknowledge in certain contexts. Same principle applies now, but the contexts have changed around. We're not worse now, we just admit it more freely.


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