Monday, March 12, 2007

My bed smells like cat pee

What could be worse than living with the wingnut in-laws? Why, living with your own family of course!

Leaving Maryland and moving to California was a plus anyways you look at it but until I'm working I am staying in a spare room at my Mom's second house with my sister. She has 4 dogs and 2 cats, all of which are moderately ill-behaved and emotionally or physically damaged in some way.

There is fur everywhere. Everywhere. I mean...Everywhere. The place smells more the like the den of a tribe of Bigfoot than a house with small pets. The cat's litter box is in the spare room where I try to sleep and the cats ignore it, just doing their business anywhere, preferring the very absorbent mattress I need to sleep on over the litter.

I thought it was bad that people will handle food after absently touching one of the dogs, who are known to eat each other's feces if not cleaned up out of the yard fast enough. Today, I actually witnessed one of the dogs snatch a piece of toast out of my sister's hand. Amazingly, she grabbed it back and finished eating it, treating me as if I was a jerk when I pointed out that what she just did was really gross. Shouldn't be surprised as this is a person who uses her hand to shoo away the sleeping cats and brush the hair off the table before a meal.

I hate pet-people.

Bonus: My sister pulling the "My House, My Rules" thing on me. I always enjoy being treated like an intruder instead of family when I visit. Apparently someone has forgotten who-supported-who for several years when someone decided Ya-Ha-Time was a priority over graduating high school. FYI, sport: It isn't your house. Since you are always broke, sick or unemployed you are staying in our parent's second home because you have been a train-wreck for 20 years. I hope you have a plan because Mom retires in a few years and will be selling the very desirable house to supplement her retirement. Oh yeah, when you get upset about people using "your" stuff in the house don't excuse it later by claiming you have OCD. You don't have OCD. You're just selfish.



  1. Sleestak! Using a Hayley Mills picture in a post about your sister?!?!?!

  2. Oh.My.Gosh.

    I was focusing on the cat and now it in context it makes me look weird.

    But I'm not.


    I think I may be ill.


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