Saturday, March 24, 2007

Comic Book Ad: So realistic, the cops will kill you!

World's Finest Comics #029 (fiche
From World's Finest Comics #29 (July-August 1947)

Pretty sweet toy.

Wowzers! Those post-Congress and parent group comic book covers were incredibly lame. The lame factor was especially high on those of World's Finest with Superman, Batman and Robin getting all chummy and acting like tourists instead of fighting crime and dropping evil-doers from the top of buildings. Often though, the sanitized and cheery covers were there merely to fake out Mom and Dad about the interiors so they wouldn't see Batman letting some villain die in an acid shower death-trap of his own design originally intended to scour Robin of his flesh.

You know the ones...

"A grisly fate, but one that he deserved."
"Right, Batman! Let's go for ice cream."
"Ice cream is not good for young, healthy boys, Robin. Instead, let's have some 100% American steaks served with vegetables from our Victory Garden."


  1. Is his legal name Secret Agent X-28? Because apparently the phone company knows exactly where he lives.

  2. Thank you Sleestak, that last bit of dialogue between Batman and Robin, made me laugh for ten minutes. I'm not exactly sure why, but it did.

    Tee hee!

  3. Welcome! FYI, I found an old page from a Golden Age comic just today that followed that premise almost exactly! I'll put it up just for laughs if I can clean it up enough.

  4. This one's right up my alley. And it looks darn fun! I'll add it to the list and try to see if I can nab it somewhere. Living in Idaho, my neighbor's kid may have one...

  5. Yikes! Scratch that:

    $80! on eBay


    ...don't think I'll be playing with that any time soon. But it does shoot caps. Dang.

  6. Whoa. $500 for that? It's cool but hell no. That is 2 car payments!

    Looking at those ebay pictures it confirms that any kid playing with that toy has a death wish. Reminds me of this Vietnam era machine gun toy i had that actually shot large red bullets off a fed belt. I got it for Christmas as a kid and I used it once. I think my mom snagged it and got rid of it.


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