Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oh, my God! He's going to miss the dirigible!

I happen to like Captain America, so suffer my postings.
Captain America falls
In Captain America #236 (August 1979), Cap falls from an airplane after a plan to attack a villain's balloon headquarters goes awry. Captain America is so awesome he even manages to live through the fall and walk away after it.

Sniper, my ass.

I'm still ticked about original Supergirl dying in the pages of CoIE and I'm not letting this go, either.



  1. I understand your skepticism. This is after all, a man who survived being frozen in an iceberg for decades. A couple of bullets aren't going to be anything more than an annoyance.

  2. I agree. How many sniper bullets has Cap ducked up through now...oh, roughly speaking...A bazillion?

    At least Supergirl gave her life for something.

  3. Balloon Headquarters.

    Man, I love comics.

  4. I missed my blimp once, but I caught the 7:30 and was only about 20 minutes late for work.

  5. Well, his shield DOES absorb impact energy...


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