Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Joy of Mutant Sex

Witches Tales #12 - Harvey - July 1952
This panel from Witches Tales #12 (July 1952) published by the Harvey Comics line was pre-Comics Code, but this horrific bondage scene with a drooling mutant describing oral sex would probably have made it in under the CCA radar even if published a few years later. Bondage never seemed to have been much of an issue with the CCA crew, just frank drawings of torture and sex. Given what they usually let pass as harmless I kind of doubt if the board would have caught the implications of what was really going on in the scene when the the monster threatened to use his "blue tongue" on the captive.

When most people opine about how the CCA nearly destroyed comics I don't see it as entirely accurate. When the CCA came into effect the industry was self-regulated and they made no effort to differentiate all-ages fare from adult product. The comics industry was destroying itself by aggressively producing something that was not at all suitable for children, and I don't mean on the level of a 'wardrobe malfunction' or using the scientific term for female genitalia during a reading of a high school book report. Read some pre-Code Harvey Comics if you doubt that. Besides, the CCA gave us the Silver Age so I can live with it.


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