Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Birthday Boy Steve Ditko

I see that today is comic legend Steve Ditko's birthday. In honor of that event, I am reposting one of my favorite Steve Ditko panels ever...

Take a Chair by Stan Lee and/or Larry Lieber & Steve Ditko
- From Journey Into Mystery #82 (July 1962)

And Steve, I know it is your milestone and not mine, but please loan me your birthday wish for you to stop using your original art for your tv dinner placemats.

More Steve...

The Ditko Public Service Package
Ditko & Snyder 1991

If you are like me and was of the opinion that in the 1970's that any book that had Steve Ditko art in it was a death warrant for the title, then go here to this site to get your mind changed.


  1. There is no secret! You just have to know how! I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!


    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Cardinal Fang, fetch.... the COMFY CHAIR!

  2. Sleestak, you need to edit your link to the Ditko covers site: you've got your own address merged in with it in the link.

    But once I found myself there, it was a great site. Thanks for the pointer to it!

  3. Thanks. Fized the link about 4 times...and I guess the site is overloaded on this day, also.

  4. That must be some chair!

    I've long had a soft spot for Ditko's artwork. It's so wrong it's right, kind of. I have a lot of the 80's Marvel comics he did, like Micronauts and Rom: Spaceknight. His run on Rom was a hoot, since it had guest inkers nearly every issue. Ditko inked by Tom Palmer, Butch Guice and P. Craig Russell... quite the sight to behold!

    Too bad he lost his frickin' mind, huh?


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