Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Don't call it Turkey Day

Don't call the Thanksgiving holiday Turkey Day. Don't be cute and call it Native American Genocide Day, or European Aggression Day or anything but what it is. It's Thanksgiving.

Then again, call it what you can do that in the US.

Most blogistrars do an entry about what they are thankful for this time of year and I'll do one too. I'm thankful I live here. I don't mean it in a patriotic way. Patriotism is just another type of fanaticism as far as I'm concerned. But I can appreciate and defend the principles that make our systems of country and culture...what politicians call 'our way of life'. They say that without believing it though or understanding what it means.

Our asshat pandering leaders, feeble-minded superstitious folk and corporate pillagers aside *, America is a pretty darn good place to live. Heck, there are entries on just about any other blog you can find that in many places would get you jail time or worse.

I don't really care about Christmas, July 4th, Father's Day or all the other holidays but if you live here you might set aside a day just to celebrate what a great deal we have today. The major holidays are no longer strictly religious or traditional observations and that is how it should be. This is America. If I want Xmas to be about presents, then that is my right. Maybe I prefer the egg-laying bunny fairy tale over the one about some guy rising from the grave and wandering the earth collecting souls. If I ignore one holiday over another then I can. Should I decide that Thanksgiving is about internet porn, then your ancestors already have and you or your children will eventually fight to defend my right to see it. Or not. That is what makes this place great.


* It's okay. People are getting fed up with the BS and will be taking action soon...probably within about 10 years or so. I don't mean revolution, I mean people will keep tossing the parasites and reality-challenged and out on their asses until they get so scared they won't dare try anything stupid. I foresee a lot of money getting spent in recall elections until someone gets into an office who remembers they work for us.


  1. Now I'm feeling terribly shallow for not having it even occur to me to do a "what I'm thankful for" post. I expressed some happiness that the other 75% of the household pitched in some effort for a change, so I'll have to make due with that.

    Hmm... now I'm almost apprehensive that one of my in-laws is going to try to revive the "let's go around the table and tell everyone what we're thankful for" routine today. Man, O hate that...

  2. "Patriotism is just another type of fanaticism as far as I'm concerned."


    Then you are an idiot, as far as I'm concerned. God forbid one should love one's country! The ultimate sin, in your eyes. I am THANKFUL that very few agree with you.

  3. Well, "anonymous"...nowhere did I say I don't love my country. Quite the opposite, in fact. To be fair (a concept which maybe your Neighborhood Political Affairs Officer doesn't let you experience) and since I don't know what Kafkaesque nightmare society you live in since you decided to remain unknown, events in the name of 'Patriotism' is too much abused and used to be taken on faith.

    Example, our (I say 'our' because I don't know where you live) current messy political situation, where all dissenters where labeled as 'unpatriotic' until administration incompetency over the last 6 months effectively removed the teflon coating from the shreds of old glory our politicians wrapped themselves in.

    But that's just my thought, which I am entitled to in this great country (fyi: USA). Please make sure you clear your response, if any, with the appropriate Party Representive. I'd hate for you to be sent to some gulag because you voiced an opinion of your own without permission.


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