Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Superman's Mom is a perv

Okay now this is just getting ridiculous. Not only can you tell that the new, funhouse mirror-abdomen Supergirl has meticulous grooming habits, but if you draw an imaginary line bisecting her around the upper beltline it is clear that Kara's super-anus is exposed to the light of day.

Actual beltline location as shown by line. As you can imagine, we have an anus-level event.

Knock it off, guys. Her eyes are blue, not brown, and she only has two.

In an earlier issue of the also-Loeb & Turner helmed Superman/Batman comic, it was Superman who revealed that his adopted mother Ma Kent designed the costume.

If Mom really designed this peek-a-boo lookit-my-crotch set of pj's then it appears that Mrs. Kent is some kind of weird exhibitionist perv living vicariously through the adopted Super-lolita.

DC can't possibly be this desperate for the Fan-boy/Fan-girl sales this art might bring in, can they? Up to now I used to think the writing was the worst part of this character.


  1. It is kind of hard to imagine middle class, middle aged, rustic, salt of the Earth Ma Kent even allowing a 15 year old girl in her care to wear this outfit. As for designing it for her... It does make you wonder that kind of weird social practices they have going on in the back end of Kansas.

    Or maybe it's a reverse psychology thing that got out of hand. Perhaps Ma Kent reckons that if she proves that she's down with the underage hooker look then it will make Kara rebel by going for something more conservative.

  2. Don't forget it was Lois who originally dressed Kara in hip-huggers and a visible, tugged-up-on-the-waistline thong.

    Clark, you're a wonderful man, and the fight for truth, justice, and the American Way is definitely to your credit. But the women in your life seem to enjoy dressing teenage girls up like hoochie queens. Seriously. Just because you can see through spandex doesn't mean your cousin's clothing should give us all the same experience.

    On a less silly note: bang goes any possibility of comic stores recommending the Supergirl comic to a parent looking for a superhero comic for their daughter. Unless, I guess, you're Ma Kent, shopping at Smallville Comics, looking for the latest in superheroine hooker wear.

    Seriously, Kara. Put some clothes on.


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