Monday, November 28, 2005

Needs to be on a t-shirt

Great image from the final page of Man-Gods From Beyond the Stars, an ancient-astronaut tale first published in Marvel Preview #1 b/w magazine. Written by Doug Moench & Roy Thomas, the first issue of MP (with painted Neal Adams cover) jumped on the then-huge UFO craze. The often inaccessible, highly abstract and heavily stylized art by Alex Nino is toned down a bit in this issue for this story. The word-balloons on this page were removed by me.

Other than it is a great image, I'd put this on a t-shirt just because it makes no sense out of context and is so very 70's.

While on the subject of t-shirts, I did this when at cafe press when I was bored. I notice it is now less expensive to order from them than it is to get one of those kits for your PC to make iron-on decals you can print out at home.

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