Thursday, December 15, 2005

Because I fear the Bugaloos, I must destroy them

The Bugaloos were: Courage, Joy, Harmony & I.Q.

I really hated this show. My little sister just had to see it each Saturday morning, but I despised it. They were damn dirty hippies and I really hate damn dirty hippies.

As a semi-interesting note, the supposed battle between artists' rights and organized media was showcased in this early 1970's Sid & Marty effort. The Bugaloos were a singing group of unsigned insect musicians who had weekly adventures that consisted of escaping the evil corporate clutches of record-mogul Benita Bizzare. Also, Joy the Bugaloo got tied up in nearly episode or wore french maid outfits.

Ironically, they were also the subjects of the usual huge marketing effort that included records, choreographed magazine articles and photo shoots, faux fan clubs, games and 8-Track tapes. If you don't know what an 8-track tape is, look it up. I never bought 8-tracks when they were considered the pinnacle of high-tech and I can't imagine these actually sold at all. If I was a parent back then, I'd smash my $200 (in 1970 money) 8-track player with a mallet before I'd play a Bugaloos tape for my kid.

Number of Bugaloos: 4
Number of the 3 male cast members trying to tag Joy: 0

There's ooodles more creepy, sad photos of the Bugaloos here.


  1. Here's the thing I loathed about eight-track tapes in the day: that it was perfectly acceptable to split a song between tracks (between the ka-chunk that signalled the head switching over), as shown on that Bugaloos' eight-track.

    To me, the death of this technology is the single greatest advancement in artist's rights in the past forty years!

  2. I know what 8-tracks basically were. I've even seen them. But why were they evil?

  3. As Bully said above.

    8-tracks were planned obsolescence at their best. The technology existed at the time to create products that were friendlier to consumers and also affordable, but the industry, in one of their usual bonehead moves, chose to dictate what made the market and when.

    Thanks to the digital age those days are long gone. Since the digital tech can be created by almost anyone, the industry hangs on to the old business model using threats and legal shannanigans instead of adapting. They had the chance years ago to be in the forefront of the new tech and dismissed it as unworkable. The p2p proved them wrong.

    Oh, sidetracked with ranting. What Bully said.

  4. I just want to know what drugs Sid & Marty Krofft were on. I can't think of a single one of their shows that wasn't in some way twisted. It says something that their most normal production was Land of the Lost.

  5. Funny that the insectoid Sleestak wouldn't go for the other Krofft bugs.

    Just keep mocking the Bugaloos. That's all right. We filthy hippies don't mind. But when Caroline gives the word, we WILL go all helter-skelter for her, paving the way for a glorious insect civilization (with no icky reptilian overtones, I might add). A buggy world of harmony, joy, courage...and, yes, French maid costumes.


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