Friday, December 23, 2005

Bulleteer #2: That's no seam

Unlike other depictions of women in comics, this is no costume seam masquerading as faux-nudity on the new female Bulleteer. Considering the mandate by writer Grant Morrison that issue #1 show lots of sexy poses and T&A, I can agree in this case that the scenery in Bulleteer is actually furthering the sub-plot of the seamy underworld of fan obsession with heroes. This is in contrast to the the Vicky Vale panels in All Star Batman #1 and for Bulleteer, I am not prepared to say that this outlined crotch-shot can be blamed on the cheap trick of getting horny fans to buy the book.

Doesn't hurt sales, though.


  1. cameltoe!!

    sorry, couldn't resist.

    at any rate, i, for one, am waiting for the ultimate absolute annotated seven soldiers trade!! if such a thing will ever come out.


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