Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Soap Opera Love #3: What's in a name?

I dunno. If my name was Jewish David or Irish Eileen I'd first slap my parents and then get my name legally changed to something that sounds less like an insult from the neighborhood bullies.

See all three covers detailing the Saga of Jewish David and Irish Eileen here at the GCD.

Here is my far superior idea of what to call the couple. If Charlton had the foresight to better name their characters maybe it wouldn't have been cancelled after 3 issues.

Now that's some good marketing. I'd definitely buy a comic featuring Cowboy Sahib and Hayley Mills!


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  1. Frankly, what I find amazing is that Charlton is somehow trying to push this as edgy ten years after "Brigit Loves Bernie."

    Nice-looking covers though.


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