Friday, December 16, 2005

Son of House of Links: Linkamation

Yes, Maryland sucks. Wish I could disagree with that.

So many great Marvel artists working on the adaption of such a bad movie. Yes, I did buy it...dammit.

9 things spammers don't want you to know via Polite Dissent


Since the Wrath of God regularly spanks Kansas mightily, it might explain a few things.

On the importance of faking Kafka.

Please....don't let the movie suck!

Anime style Christian comics. Who you foolin'?

Cop dogs with head-mounted cameras. The Christmas party video mix should be awsome.

The iceberg that sank the Titanic and spawned a chick-flick.

Another damned, dirty hippy tv show I despised.

I'd be more onboard PETA's agenda if they didn't resort to such shock tactics or like in this PETAKIDS Comic, ambush the young reader and by extension, Mom and Dad.

An example of a violation of Sleestak's Law, which states: "If your cause is just or product is good, you don't need to resort to misdirection to sell it."


  1. I'm with you on PETA. Back when I was young and naive, I joined. Since then, for years I was bombarded with stuff from them. Finally, I wrote a letter back, enclosed with one of their own "Donation Denied" stickers, explaining exactly what I thought of their ridiculous tactics (naked models, the "got beer" campaign, the slavering insistence on equating eating meat with torturing animals for fun... all that stupid stuff that pisses off their liberal base and alienates moderates). Since I wrote that letter, not a single solicitation has crossed my box.

    Good times.

  2. The "Got Beer" campaign is what totally lost me.

  3. My mama had a leather coat.

    Then again, she was born with it.


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