Saturday, December 10, 2005

Have yourself a slashing little Christmas...

In the 2005 Marvel Holiday Special, tragic events lead a young woman (named Virginia, of course) to turn a malfunctioning spare Ultron body into a murderous Santa-bot bent on killing the New Avengers. Inevitably, Captain America gets an opportunity to make a Christmas speech.

In reminding Virginia (and the readers) of the true meaning of the holiday, Captain America restores to the former slave of Ultron some Christmas faith. It's a warm sentiment that hope, kindness and promise still exists in the world. It's a real feel-good moment for the gang. Meanwhile, Wolverine grins maniacally and flashes his razor-sharp, yard-long indestructible claws.

"Here's yer present! Defenestration!"

Yeah, good old Wolvie.


  1. Did Luke Cage get to shout "Sweet Christmas"? Because that would rock.

  2. "Here's yer present! Defenestration!"

    he's going to throw me out a window?

    - housepig


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