Saturday, December 10, 2005

Have yourself a slashing little Christmas...

In the 2005 Marvel Holiday Special, tragic events lead a young woman (named Virginia, of course) to turn a malfunctioning spare Ultron body into a murderous Santa-bot bent on killing the New Avengers. Inevitably, Captain America gets an opportunity to make a Christmas speech.

In reminding Virginia (and the readers) of the true meaning of the holiday, Captain America restores to the former slave of Ultron some Christmas faith. It's a warm sentiment that hope, kindness and promise still exists in the world. It's a real feel-good moment for the gang. Meanwhile, Wolverine grins maniacally and flashes his razor-sharp, yard-long indestructible claws.

"Here's yer present! Defenestration!"

Yeah, good old Wolvie.


  1. Did Luke Cage get to shout "Sweet Christmas"? Because that would rock.

  2. If I had claws like that, I'd brandish them at every opportunity as well. "Want me to carve the turkey?" SNIKT! "Need a hand with the dishes?" SNIKT! "Merry Christmas! SNIKT!

  3. "Here's yer present! Defenestration!"

    he's going to throw me out a window?

    - housepig


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