Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fred Hembeck Declares V-F Day!

That would be V-F Day as in Victory Over Fox News Day and I'm crediting him with saying first what needed to be said...

December 25th, 2005

To quote the immortal John and Yoko,

"Happy Christmas! War is over--if you want it..."
Well, I want it, you want it, we ALL want it, so--with only a few short hours of December 25th, 2005 remaining--I'm here to declare a seasonal cease-fire!

Yes, friends--The War On Christmas is OVER!! least for the next ten and a half months, anyway...

In the meantime, we as Americans have far more important issues facing us.
Such as The War On Valentine's Day, The War On President's Day, and--most critically--The War On Ground Hog's Day!
- via Fred "Yes, it would kill me to have permalinks to individual entries" Sez


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