Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fantastic Four #27: The Mouth-Breather Cover

I call this cover to Fantastic Four #27 (March 2000) the "Mouth-Breather Cover". Every shocked witness to the wedding of "Dr. Doom" and the Invisible Woman is staring slack-jawed at the nuptials. It's an odd cover, made even more so that it resembles the Brady Bunch opening sequence. The layout somewhat resembles the story on the interior, but only slightly, as even the interior panels jump confusingly from scenes of what appear to be interview sound-bytes to thinking heads. An Avenger comments apparently on camera in one panel, then the Red Skull does much the same in another. Huh? Is he on CNN also or what?

What the hell is Gambit doing on the cover? Where's the Black Panther? He has more to do with the FF than Gambit and is a monarch to boot. Gambit has nothing to do with the FF. At all. And he sucks. Always has. The BP should have had the opportunity to appear on the cover like he did in the story. Gambit is one of those stupid character ideas that never went away but the company keeps shoving at us because they just know its what people want (like Arana), and will eventually buy it if exposed to it enough.

You can see through the mask that even Spider-Man has his mouth stupidly hanging open. Everyone does. Except Wolverine, that is. He clearly doesn't give a damn and it looks like someone caught him in a candid moment watching televison or sitting on the can or something.


  1. Clearly nobbody has any idea what to get the newlyweds.

  2. A can opener?

    This is one of the issues where Reed was locked in the armor by an annoyed Celestial. I never could understand why he never just stretched himself out the eye holes or something.

    Plus..bathroom! Did he use Victor's catheter? Yuck.

  3. I was reading the post while the image was still loading, and my first thought was "Hey, what's he on?" FF #27 didn't have a wedding scene on it! And Gambit was invented decades after that! Kirby never drew Gambit!

    Finally the image loaded and I remembered, oh yeah. There was another FF #27.

    Dopey as you point out, but I'll give it points for including VVD in the upper-left corner box on the cover.

  4. Instead of Gambit, that should have been Galactus, with a "clutch-the-pearls" look.

  5. And yet as silly as it seems, Gambit has a huge following. Truly, there is no justice in Man's World...


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