Thursday, February 02, 2006

Green Lantern sits around and stuff

I can't say "What the hell, Rucka?" with enough force. It just isn't physically possible to shout out loud enough to voice my dismay over the scene from Superman #648 of Hal Jordan sitting on his ass while an entire city burns to the ground.

The only reason I can think of that one of the guys who can wish it all better using the ring wasn't doing anything is because Geoff Johns has right of first refusal on the use of Green Lantern. Like John Byrne had with the FF, there is an agreement that the character is not used in a way that would "disagree" with what is going on in the characters' own title.

If a city explodes it makes sense story-wise to have all the heavy-hitters on scene, like Superman....but again, "What the hell, Rucka?"

You could have written GL doing something like rescuing puppies and returning them to the sad little girls! It looks like Hal is mentally going over his To Do list.


  1. Aren't we all legally obligated to reduce "What the hell?" to simply, "The hell?" now? Or maybe that's some comic book legality like comic book physics.

  2. He's had a rough week. He's kinda sleepy. I think we've all felt like that once in a while when Chemo has attacked our city.

  3. "...the hell" was an amusing riff on the Code-enforced euphimism "What the..." -- for about five minutes. Now it's about as fresh as "sockamagee!"

    (No, scratch that, "...the hell" makes "sockamagee!" sound like bread fresh from the oven.)

    Having used up both the start and the end, I suggest we go for the creamy middle: from now on whenever heroes are surprised they should just say: "...the..."


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