Monday, February 13, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Valentine purchases

The other day I'm watching the self-scan registers and bagging the groceries while the cashier is on a break. During the course of my duties a young lady brought her items up to the self-scan machines, avoiding the registers that have human cashiers. I'm of course day-dreaming and not paying attention beyond what is crushable or hot/cold as I bag. I put her purchases in a plastic sack and move on to the next register. A minute later the customer finishes paying and grabs her purchase and quickly leaves, forgetting the receipt. Sometimes when the customer is flustered it means they are trying to shoplift something and are worried the cashier will notice they are sneaking items, so I get the receipt to check to see if all the items were correctly scanned and paid for.

Then I see what she bought and realize that she was probably a little embarrassed that a guy was bagging the purchases.

- Valentine's Day card
- Valentine gift bag

- Two cans fat-free whipped cream
- Personal lubricant (The kind that gets warm)

- Bottle of honey (in that squeeze-bottle that looks like a bear)
- Jar of maraschino cherries
- Bag of tea-lite candles

- Bottle of chocolate syrup

Ah, L'Amour! Kind of a cliche list of romance supplies but still, it was sweet of her to buy that stuff for her special someone.



  1. Yum! That's my kind of Valentine's Day treat: a big bowl of chocolate-covered honey cherries with whip cream on top! By candlelight.

    What? What are you looking at me for?

  2. I'm with Bully: sounds like a totally delicious dessert to sit down with for a great night of TV-watching--just in time for the Return to Jericho!!!

    But fat-free? What's up with that?


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