Monday, February 20, 2006

Tropos: Censor sweep

I just want to point out before you start clicking that I'm about 99% against censorship of any kind. That one per cent is there because of the truism that you don't shout fire in a movie theatre.


Hulk smash censorship!

China's cute, intimidating Internet Police Chacha and Jingjing. Hentai versions should be along any day now.

Talk to the hand

State-level Montgomery Homeland Security Officers reassigned after library incident.
MAGIC: The Book Burning

American Library Association's Banned Books List

Where are the butts?

Where is the respect?

Artist Kelly Howlett respectfully censors self for family audience at WizardWorld. That's a family environment, so can't disagree with her decision about it. Plus, since it's her art she can do whatever she wants with it. See her journal entries about "Wonder Woman" and "Supergirl".

The 3 R's. Reading, Writing and Springsteen.

Bob Hope's censorship card from May, 1933.

"Act needs a lot of watching"
As with network television today, vaudeville promoted itself as family entertainment, but its shows often stretched the limits of common propriety. This report from a Boston stage censor outlines some of the questionable material in Bob Hope's 1933 act and preserves some of the jokes the act included. The pre-printed form catalogs common offenses found in variety acts.
Morris Taylor's WWII experiences in the Pacific and his Theater Censor slip.

Gotta love the irony. At least the Dixie Chicks had the class to not say "I told you so."

Citizen's are concerned. This is the same reason I don't own a copy of Catcher In The Rye. I have this nightmare of my brakes going out on my car, causing me to slam into a schoolbus of disabled and underprivileged kids which explodes and when the police check my apartment they find a copy of it on my kitchen table.

Edible book burning art by Daria Flores

This Modern World on censorship.

Gum & The Mother of Modern Censorship.
Nifty covert symbolism on the cover.

The now infamous Google comparisons of search results for Tiananmen Square: Google Standard & Google China

You can't be serious...Elfquest?

Some handy Book Burning Tips from the Landover Baptist Church. You really should pay attention. I know I should've during my last bonfire.

Anti-Censorship website in Chinese. It really doesn't take a genius to figure out why the People's Government is so terrified of the unrestricted internet.

Zombie Herman Melville

Temple of Artemis and Book Burning at Ephesus

Common sense censorship: Censor 1940, passed No 3, on QSL card to Canal Zone,24FE

A few of the books regularly attacked by self-appointed morality police. Why? Realistic portrayals of life and sexuality.

For decades, various iconoclasts attempted removal from libraries and suppression of the C.S. Lewis books, The Chronicles of Narnia, because they felt the series too closely resembled and was disrespectful another fictional character. Having lost that battle to the forces of reality, the fundamentalists now wholly embrace the books as reinforcement of their beliefs. Desperate for anything to hang onto in order to advance their goals, maybe co-opting the big motion picture publicity machine has something to do with it.

Hey, Kids! No comics!

How Gene Rodenberry got around television censors to give America the first interracial kiss on TV.

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