Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Comic Book AD: Joe Kubert draws Ed McMahon

To prove the power of Joe Kubert just check out the sheer amount of awesome craft he put into this throw-away advert I found in a copy of Batman and the Outsiders #9 from April 1984.

I like how Joe made Ed McMahon the second banana to Sgt. Rock in the ad! That's only right, as Rock takes the sidekick spot on the couch for no man! It's funny that the teleplay the hospital patients are re-enacting for radio seems to be a subversive statement from Joe himself!
I have to hand it to Joe for supporting the sad, moping soldiers with a visit to the hospital, though. He has respect for the fighting man. He even autographed the wall in the recovery ward! How cool is that? Very.


  1. And take a look at the person to whose attention those coupons were to be addressed: Arnold Drake, co-creator of Deadman and the Doom Patrol. Wonder if he wrote the ad?


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