Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Me am getting head injury!

While some people would argue that Hal Jordan is actually a caricature in himself, here is the mostly-forgotten Bizzaro-World Green Lantern, the self-named Yellow Lantern.

The Yellow Lantern first (and I think last) appeared in DC Comics Presents #71 (July 1984). He is a typical example of the comedic inversion of the DCU heroes. Instead of being fearless and a cosmic force to be reckoned with like his counterpart Hal Jordan, the Bizzaro-creature is devoid of any power of any kind and is a cringing, useless coward. Despite the contrary nature of the unliving doppleganger some things appear to be universal in regards to Hal Jordan.

Getting hit in the head.

...and a sterile head bandage to Scipio for starting the Hal's Head stuff.


  1. Whoa.

    I suppose the Bizarroness comes in with the fact the Yellow Lantern manages to remain conscious when hit in the head....

  2. Also, that Yellow Lantern (lamp) symbol?

    Really looks like it's giving me the finger.

    I need help.

  3. Hi....I think Yellow Lantern reappeared in the recent Bizarro arc in the Geoff Johns penned superman. Not sure tho, I'd have to double check. You've got a neat blog.

  4. ..and now they're doing a whole "Yellow Lantern"/"Sinestro Corps" thing and pretending the idea is original! I've had this comic for over 20 years and love the first few pages with Bizarro's superteam in their submarine HQ.


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