Saturday, January 21, 2006

Steady now, Bigfoot

Someone stabilized the (in)famous "Patterson film", a ridiculous claim of proof that Bigfoot exists.

If common sense didn't make it obvious before this about the facts of this film, I'll come right out and say it for the reality-impaired: Man In A Gorilla Suit.

Of course, the gullible will continue to breathe through their collective mouths and believe in UFO's, gods and godessses, crop circles and homeopathy.

- hat tip to the JREF


  1. Well, at least you have the courtesy to open up your blog to responses on your opinion.

    If your so positive this is a man in a suit - do what all the other people at the JREF have failed to do, get in a gorilla suit - and fill it out just like "Patty" and walk just like her. Should be simple, wouldnt you say?

    Humm, wonder why it hasnt been done yet??

  2. I always welcome responses. Maybe you are familiar with those places that do not, such as Rapture Ready, etc, who shut down any replies, however cautiously worded (I reserve the right to delete those responses that are nasty in context).

    But, please tell me you are pulling my leg about Bigfoot.

    FYI: The burden of proof is not on the debunker, but the one making the claim.

  3. Cool! Thanks for posting this.

    (This film looks pretty bogus to me, but I'm not so egocentric as to think there is absolutely zero chance of there existing some simian species in the Himalayas or Yukon we haven't discovered yet. It's looking increasingly unlikely as we encroach over every square inch of the planet, but hey, new species are being discoevred all the time.)

  4. Well, thank you for not deleting my post. :) No, why would I pull your leg about this topic or anything else? Actually the footage you discuss here on your blog, actually brings out more detail about the animal, and to one specific expert in primate anatomy - reveals quite a bit, that could prove this film to be legitimate.

    Im not going to tell you this film is 100% authentic, that would not be very smart for me to do so, but I do believe the probability to be very high. Maybe you could discuss the merits of the film as well as the negative, might make for a lively discussion here.

    I prefer to keep my options open on this film, but I assure you there are many out there I have slammed the door on.

  5. I only delete responses that are threats or have out of context swearing or craziness. I've never deleted any entry (here or elsewhere)that didn't contain something like a threat or personal expletives.

    Here's a few things off the top of my head:
    1) The idea that 'new species are discovered all the time' does not lend any credence to the idea of Bigfoot. One has nothing to do with the other.

    2) No historical data not apocrophyl or anecdotal exists for evidence of creature.

    3) Alleged region unable to support a breeding population of even omnivorous creatures of that size.

    4) Film was an admitted fake by creators, producer/buyer.

    5) Clearly a suit. Horizontal fur layers consistent with sewing strips together, not consistent with symetrical growth over an entire body.

    6) Human gait not consistent with skeletal structure of primate.

  6. I remember reading a big article in Fortean Times debunking this film. They even recreated it using a suit built by the guy who made the original, which wasn't exactly a gorilla suit, since it was custom made.

    I can go look it up if anyone cares.

  7. Hello. I agree with you on your first point - I dont care about that either as it does nothing to prove this undocumented animal exists. So, we agree on that.

    Point 2: Gigantopithecus Blacki.. May be the animal. Not sure yet, much work to be done in that respect.

    Point 3: Well, depends on where your talking about. The area in Texas being searched has a land mass the size of the State of Oregon. I think the habitiat and enough land mass to support the animal. I think people forget- most animals are able to control their numbers when the habitat is low on food sources etc.

    Point 4: Im not sure what film your talking about. If your talking about the film your displaying - no, that is not true. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin's stories have not ever changed. I think your talking about Bob Heronimus (?). He claims to have worn the suit. But, his story keeps changing depending on the question asked - if I could post the recreation of his "patty walk" in a bigfoot suit - he did, in an attempt to prove it was him - you would laugh yourself silly.

    5. This is a much debated part of this film. But I say - look at any picture of any Low Land Gorilla, I have some that look like a silverback gorilla wearing a hood - lmao.

    6. Human attempts to recreate this gait - have to date not been completely sucessful. One person is getting close, but even he admits, this is not easy to do by any means and there is much more that needs to be done. The "Patty" walk is actually called a "Compliant Gait".

    Im not sure how we also dismiss the witness reports of this animal, reports made by very credible members of Communities. If all these people are wrong - then we have a problem with mass hysteria.

    All I have ever asked is that people have an open mind. Discuss the issue, regardless of your position. On my blog - I discuss what we know, and I do call hoaxers on their fake suits.

    Your member name is familiar, I think we have run into each other before - but I dont think it was bad :) lmao.

  8. Point 2: Gigantopithecus
    - A fossil record animal. Mmmm, nope. No evidence anywhere in thelast million or so years that it exists.

    Point 3: Well, depends on where your talking about. The area in Texas being searched has a land mass the size of the State of Oregon.
    - Don't know many animals that can traverse such a large area daily for a varied diet.

  9. Do you know how long the storys were around, about an unknown huge ape in africa, science also thought those stories were fairy tales too, you now know this animal as the Silverback or Lowlands Gorilla. Your right, there is no proof as of yet that Gigantopiethecus is the animal in question, but all avenues must be investigated.

    Your second point.. Who said these animals cover this entire area? I know I didnt. My theory is that, this animal in question, has a "home range" if you will. But, the land size of this area - coupled with the dense tree cover and foliage - makes it very difficult to see anything. In fact this is the same area they are looking for the Ivory Billed Woodpecker -- seems both bigfoot and this woodpecker have both managed to out smart the humans - lmao.

    I have never seen this aniaml, so I can not tell you it does in fact exist - but what if it does? What is this undocumented animal is out there, and goes extinct because it does not get the protection it needs and deserves? No, I am not into animal rights - but this animal for all the bad talk about it - deserves protection.

    All I ask is that people keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind does not mean I expect you to pronounce your undying affection for this animal - it just means give both sides of this issue a chance when you see new things coming out in the media, question the debunkers as hard as you would question me. I do not believe every report I read, I am very skeptical myself when taking in information.. I do a lot of reading - LMAO. :)

  10. Proves nothing. Sure it's a gorilla suit, but there's a bigfoot inside of it. Why? Because contrary to common misconception, bigfeet are NOT mammals. They are lizardmen and must wear gorilla suits in winter to remain active in northern climates. You'd know that if you read the newsletter more often.


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