Friday, January 13, 2006

All Star Daughters of Victorias' Secret

Oh, come on..! Now things are just getting ridiculous. The 'creative team' of Daughters of the Dragon #1 must have been channeling the Frank Miller script for All Star Batman.

When did the mature, seasoned private detectives I've been familiar with since the 70's turn into 19 year old supermodels? Misty is one of my favorite of Marvel's supporting characters and I didn't care for the retcon of placing her on the bomb squad instead of being 'just' a hero cop who got injured in the line of duty.

And the assumed villain of the arc must be Vicki Vale's younger, wealthier, hotter sister.

Chalk up another victory for marketing-driven editorial decisions!

For commentary that mirrors what I thought about this book but am too lazy to do myself, check out I Draw Comics & Comics Should Be Good.


  1. What's with Misty's hair? Doesn't she know the 70's are long gone?

  2. At least Colleen is finally being drawn as Asian. Unfortunately it's as an Asian fetish yellow fever sex doll. Sigh.

    And they wonder why more girls don't read comics.

  3. If that kind of soft-core porn is what is passing for comic-book art nowadays, I am glad I stopped supporting the Marble Comix conglomerate around the time of the Clone Saga.

  4. I can't believe we're not looking at the bigger issue here--Ricadonna has a seriously deformed right thigh.

    Where's your compassion, people?

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  6. Newsarama gave a fascinating look inside the artist's sketchbook here, the most interesting part (to me) being the last pair of images at the very bottom, which show a comparison between a page's initial layouts to the pencils.

    The artist says below it: "As you can see, there are slight changes from the layouts… panel three totally changed, and went for a more dynamic landing in the last from the layout version. I tend to push the dynamics of a shot a bit more when I hit the Bristol, but as the running figure in panel 2 shows, sometimes it’s debatable whether ‘pushing it’ makes the most natural figure."

    But if you look, the changes that have been made look generally ridiculous. The commented to the forum:

    "Am I the only one that thinks the two examples of making poses "more dynamic" on that last page (panels #2 and 5) actually look *less* dynamic? In both cases, it makes the girl's movements look clumsy and awkward. In the revised panel 2, she looks like she's about to trip over herself (and/or is out of breath), whereas the original her movement looks very swift.

    And the original panel 5, her landing looks so solid in elegant...compared to the revised one, that looks very clutsy and ridiculous, not to mention generally uncomfortable. Though I think the "pushing it" he mentions, in regards to that one, has more to do with T&A."

    Though I was pretty much ignored. *shrugs*

  7. I don't think you were ignored. People are just hiding from shame.

  8. I also noticed from perusing the sketches that there's only one "ideal" woman's face, and that face pretty much lacks any real individual character. Get rid of the hair and skin tones and the two stars have essentially the same damn face and the same damn pouty sex-kitten expression. The Pussycat Dolls do chop-socky. (Yawn.)

    For years, even "nice guy" artists like Paul Chadwick have done this --giving males a multitude of facial styles and women only one-- and it has never failed to drive me up the fucking wall. I mean, we're not talking about hacks who can barely hold a pencil straight. We're talking about men who can draw many things beautifully, with expression and an appreciation for individuality. Yet, when it comes to female protagonists, they choose not to treat them as individuals. It's as if a female must have the face (and body) of a soulless generic beauty or nobody will like her. She must have a face that gets the artist hot, or she can't pass the audition.

    It's depressing that nothing ever changes in mass media. Comics, TV, Pop music, movies... always the same old shit. --alsis39

  9. Hey John diBello, Colleen Wing is only Eurasian. Look it up!


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