Thursday, January 26, 2006

Adventures of Superman #911

Oops! I mean...#648. This Infinite Crisis tie-in didn't do much for me because it was basically filler*. It reminded me way too much of the black cover Spider-Man 9-11 issue and those interminable CoIE "Red Skies" issues of the Detroit Justice League when the writer had no direction or clue what to do with the team for 6 months. It was also odd to see Green Lantern sitting on his backside when every other hero in town was lifting collapsed brick walls off the citizens.

Really, it read like someone's rejected script for Volume 3 of DC's 9-11. I kept expecting to see a scene with Lex Luthor shedding a tear to show up on a page.
Good thing there isn't a hell, or I'd be going there.

So I guess those Batman readers who couldn't get enough of the No Man's Land and War Games story arcs from a while back get another heaping helping with the upcoming Battle for Bludhaven opus I'll be ignoring.

* Still better than House of M.


  1. Is that Luthor panel from the issue where the planet Lexor (the only place in the universe where he ws considered a hero) bites the dust?

  2. Yes. I did a quickie "mash up" (as the kids say) of the Luthor panel from Action #544, AoS #648 and the dialog from that Spider-Man 9-11 issue.

  3. That was one of the most brilliantly, foul things I've ever laid my eyes on.


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