Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gail Simone hates freedom

In the DC comic book Birds of Prey #57, Gail Simone takes the opportunity to use the character of the Huntress to propagandize the Youth of America against "illegal" and "unconstitutional" wire-tapping. In this particular issue the Huntress takes offense that someone would access her cell phone without permission, like there was something wrong with doing that.

from Birds of Prey #57, v1, (Sept 2003)

This subtle critique of our fine and patriotic fight against terrorists is inappropriate in a comic book. As a parent, I am shocked that innocent children that pick up a copy of this magazine expecting to see only large breasts and high kicks are being seduced by Gail Simones' subtle liberal and terrorist-enabling views. Children must understand that in the war against our enemies that the ends must justify the means. Especially against those personal enemies like reporters or citizens with contrary opinions. BoP #57 has sown confusion and oogy feelings among America's innocents and that is something that should not be caused by a comic book. A comic book must by its' nature be inoffensive and neutral. It should follow a sort of code of conduct or something as written by some body of authority, possibly by our government. That way insidious propaganda will not creep in and poison the spirits of young Americans.

What's the matter, MISS Simone? Why would you hint as far back as 2003 that the Oracle (who, like our Government, only hacks and eavesdrops on the evil for the good of America) is doing something wrong? The Huntress routinely beats up bad people without regard to "rights" and I don't see one squawk out of you about "civil liberties". You can't pick and choose what parts of the Constitution you agree with and disregard the rest, you know.

Your protestation proves you must be guilty of something. Who have you been chatting with? I demand you tell us how innocent those lengthy calls to that Mr. Albert Kaydah really are. Don't be surprised if you and everyone else in your left-wing, Greenpeace-hugging, medical-marijuana-puffing hippie cabal ends up on a No-Fly List.

Except for Ed Benes. He draws women pretty.


  1. You realise of course that some people are going to take this one seriously, don't you?

  2. Tell me about it. The attack trolls didn't realize it was a parody.

    Still, they are nicer than the Byrne Fans.

  3. Trolls or not, your entry was pretty funny.

    Now if you can only prove that The Spectre's recent rampage was really an attempt to ban Harry Potter from classrooms and legitimize intelligent design...

  4. I thought it was hilarious. I linked it at my board.

    HOWEVER, I do hate freedom and if I could, I'd restrict your right to free speech. I'm watching you.


  5. It is good to see that someone has finally taken a stand against the enemies undermining our country.

  6. All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

  7. Surely you meant to say "That all evil needs to suceed is for good men to vote Republican."


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