Sunday, January 15, 2006

Aquaman's little known powers

While browsing around the Inter Nets I found this sketch that Neal Adams did of Aquaman that has no context I can figure.
Maybe Neal was demonstrating Aquaman's little known ability to collect refuse for recycling or win a stuffed toy at a carnival by mentally knocking down milk bottles.

"Official DC Cover Artist" Neal Adams drew literally hundreds of great and classic comic covers through the 1970's (they had a startling disconnect to the interior content. Not his fault, mind you). Many of the covers featured Aquaman and others that you can find here at the Grand Comic Database.


  1. Something about dolphins... bottle-nosed dolphins...


    No joke there.

  2. Vincent J. Murphy said...
    Summon beer!

    Yeah, that works. Though drinking beer underwater must be like going to an "air bar" at the mall.

  3. That's not Aquaman, that's Jesus. He's turning water into wine...BOTTLES of wine! What a kick-ass messiah.


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