Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spring, Prince Mengu, high in the air!

One thing that EC's Wonder Woman-clone, Moon Girl had over her comic book template was that the EC version of Steve Trevor was also her royal fiance, Prince (Lionel Mann) Mengu. It's clear they were regularly getting it on, while Princess Diana always shot down Steve's advances. When helping Moon Girl in her adventures he wore a similar costume. He also had some kind of super-strength, but Moon Girl could lift buildings and such.

While Mengu was always shown in Mizrahi-like action in scenes with Moon Girl, this panel from Moon Girl #3 (Spring 1948) makes me wonder if he didn't have another secret identity in addition to the Lionel Mann persona. It appears that Prince Mengu is so fabulous, he can't help checking out the profile of his own butt as he jumps.

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  1. Even Moon Girl couldn't stand his narcicism for long, even if he was a prince. Within three issues she ditches him and gets a girl sidekick.


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