Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things I missed....but shouldn't have

My unquenchable hate for all things He-Man made me miss this awesome DOOMCOPTER!

Somehow, I completely overlooked this incredible Monkey Nazi cover from Weird War #89. I am ashamed.

I bought this for a friend's kid, and then realized I should have looked at it earlier because I missed out on the opportunity for juvenile humor.


  1. That Storm costume redesign reminds me of when they used The New Teen Titans in a drug awareness PDA comic and put Starfire in a body-covering one-piece costume.

    Here's a thought: if you want to merchandise a female superhero to a younger audience (which is a very, very good idea, so I'm not blaming them for doing so), why not create and publish a female superhero that you don't have to pretend doesn't show off skin in her usual appearances?

    All that said: Arana and Spider-Girl could both fill that bill.

  2. I saw that Storm book at a dollar store in Brooklyn not to long ago. Needless to say, i read it cover to cover giggling happily to myself as the store owners stared at me. Good times.

    Thanks for the link to my blog BTW. You're good people!

  3. Ooooh, lady that's my FLYING GLOW-IN THE-DARK skull!


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