Monday, January 30, 2006

Caption The Meme Contest

Out of crushing boredom I thought I'd make up a contest based on the Always Remember meme unintentionally started by Dorian at postmodernbarney. The best original submitted caption(s) for the unfinished comic memes I started below will get featured here. As a bonus the winning entry just might get my review copy of Wrath of the Phantom Army. Maybe. I dunno, I may not feel like paying for shipping. Especially to overseas locations. So, no promises I can't keep.

Meme Entry 1: Wonder Woman and the Goddess Aphrodite from Wonder Woman , v2, #225 (March 2006)
Caption to beat:
"Wonder Woman...Should have gone totally Black Canary on her ass"

Meme Entry 2: Bloodstone and actor Brad Carter from Marvel Presents: Bloodstone, v1, #2 (Dec 1975)
Caption to beat:
"Bloodstone...Should be sure of his sexuality after 10,000 years"

I have only one copy of WotPA, so there can be only one winner. After/If I get some responses go ahead and vote for your favorite.

Oh, if you want to remain anonymous in the responses that's fine. Just put some kind of unique identifier in your comment.


  1. Heck, I'll try it...

    #1. Always remember... Wonder Woman and Aphrodite are never really going to make out.

    #2. Always Remember... Brad Carter will turn on your heart light.

  2. Always Remember,


    is a goddess, so don't even think about trying this.

  3. 1. Always Remember,

    Uh... what were we talking about?

    2. Bloodstone...

    Tends to ramble when he's stoned.

  4. #1 Always remember...Isaac Mizrahi has a blond wig and sunglasses, too.
    #2 Always remember.. even Chris Claremont can write under a pseudonym.

  5. #1. Always Remember...Athena grants adamantium breast implants.

    #2. Brad Carter...has no idea what's coming.

  6. #1. Always remember... Olympians are Gropinators too.

    #1. Always remember... Show on the doll where she touched you.

  7. #1 WonderWomans Boobs...
    can shatter armor
    #2 Always remember...
    It is never to late to "come out"
    (even if it takes 10.000 years!)

  8. Just for #1...

    Always Remember...

    Aphrodite... Is an Equal Opportunity Diety.


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