Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here you are

There you be.

Search terms that I wished brought you here this week...

brilliant witty commentary
comic book review
dunst deceased
mizrahi convicted jailed
hayley mills surprise divorce
quesada replaced
The search terms that really brought you here this week...
scarlett johansen getting felt up
scarlett johansen news
scarlett johansen see through
scarlett johansen oscar
scarlet johansen felt up
mort weisinger photo
scarlett johansen boobs
hairstyle scarlett johansen
scarlett johansen


  1. Ain't google awesome like that? In talking about Notre Dame's quarterback back in November or so, searches of "Brady Quinn Gay Hot" brought me a lot of traffic.

    By the way, I don't think I've ever commented here before - I dig your blog, man.

  2. What, you mean no one misspelled "scarlett" or "johansson"?

    And this might not be the place or the time, but how do you see how people come to yoru site using Google?

  3. jeremiah: Thanks, dude.

    bully: Mostly I check via StatCounter.

  4. Thank you! Registered with StatCounter. Now I'm obsessed with my tiny, tiny statistics.

  5. I also like to check who vists you, like IP Law Firms or the State Dept.


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