Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad advice from comic books: Live a lie, girls! It's better than dying alone!

From Girls' Romances #153 (September 1971) is some advice meant for women worried that if they do or say the wrong thing they will scare men away. This feature is a good example of the problem that romance comics had during the 1970s. Published in the midst of a gender roles revolution when women were demanding equal rights more than ever before in American society, romance comic books gave only lip-service to women's liberation as they were firmly entrenched in the mores and expectations of the 1940s and 1950s.

Click the picture to to make a big freaking issue of it.



  1. Never tell him everything about you... like that whole bit about killing ex-lovers with a knife.

  2. I loved this type of crap from old comics. It's no wonder women are so screwed up.

  3. So true. Why I recently watched the movie Cat-Women of the Moon and one of the men tells a woman that she's "pretty smart. Pity I like them dumb."


  4. Honestly, the first six seem more like advice on how not to be an asshole (basically, some of the wording is eyeroll worthy). I know I don't like being told I'm weak, boring and stupid. The rest are pretty ugh.

  5. What Kim said. ^

    Monkey: WTF?


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