Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stop it

Just stop, Rachael.



  1. I wish she'd stop cooking too. I made one of her recipes once and it tasted like shit.

  2. Too many cooks spoils the feces, man.

  3. A little behind the curve on this one... she's written four more books since the kids' cookbook was published.

  4. So on the last page, do those antigravitational spoons finally rip all their arms out of their sockets? (Because in that case I'd actually consider buying it.)

  5. My wife was cooking some of her stuff for a while, and I just hated it. A lot of it looked perfectly edible, until the final step when capers or clams or artichoke hearts or some damn thing were added.

    But don't ask me: I can't stand vegetables, and think microwaved twinkies are tasty.


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