Sunday, July 29, 2007

My loot. Let me show you it.

A couple weeks month and a half ago I received a care package from none other than Bully of Comics Oughta Be Fun!

The box was very heavy and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was the recipient of some of Bully's legendary generosity! I was so moved I created a live-action version of one of the scenes from the Krazy & Ignatz book.

In the box were the following books:

The Comics of Fletcher Hanks - I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets by Paul Karasik.

The Complete Peanuts - 1963-1964.

Walt Kelley's Our Gang - 1944-1945.

Things Get Away From You by Walt Holcombe.

Human Disatrophism and The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. - Love and Rockets trades.

Arf Forum v3 by Craig Yoe.

The Art of Lyonel Feininger.

Krazy & Ignatz - 1939.
Quite the haul! I've been remiss in reviewing these books for various reasons: Shiny things distracting me, crippling anxiety attacks, the job, varying accessibility to the computer and somehow misplacing my memory card after spending several hours scanning interesting pages and photographing the books (It's so difficult to find a fur or urine stain-free space in this house to display the books for a nice photo setting it's ridiculous). I don't want to even talk about the art project I also lost that I spent a day photographing. Argh!

I suspect the memory card I placed on the table just "for a minute" is now either a plaything of the cats hidden somewhere or is currently in the backyard, its tiny chewed pieces mixed in with dog droppings like cracked wheat in a loaf of bread.

So to correct this I'm going to begin reviewing the gifts as any good blogger should, even the ones I don't fully understand. I'll begin with the Fletcher Hanks book and maybe have an answer to the unasked question as to why there was more buzz about the book among bloggers before it came out than after.

Thanks again, Bully!

You can find out more about these and other fine books at Fantagraphics.


  1. Hi, I am Paul Karasik, the editor of "I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets". I am very curious to hear your thoughts.

    By my reckoning, however, there has been far greater response to this book since its publication. I spend the frist hour of my day responding to blogs and e-mail from readers not anticipators. We did extraordinarily well at both MoCCA and San Diego where we sold out on the second day of each event. (In fact the warehouse is empty and we are awaiting the 2nd edition from the printer...I think Amazon may still actually have some). In both locations, people who purchased the book the first day came back the second day to actually thank me.

    All of this attention is far, far greater than I could have imagined (although, of course, I hoped for it). Creating this book was a pure labor of love that took years and I am startled by the response.

    For readers still in the dark, slide over to the BONUS page of my website and check out a slideshow of a Fantomah story that does NOT appear in the book:

    Again, I look forward to reading your comments.


  2. Paul, thanks for the response. I mean specifically about blogger response and from what I have witnessed in different forums. Call me cynical, but I have the impression that some bloggers were just about the free copy they could possibly receive from various sources. I could be very wrong (it is only about those specific few instances I refer to, not about the greater and well-deserved success of the book). I saw much excitement from some who are now mysteriously absent.

    FYI: Loved the book, and even though I received a review copy, I also purchased one as a gift to someone.

  3. Thanks for the thanks! May I request a slight correction? All the books are actually published by Fantagraphics and your link in your final senetence should reference and point to their fine website rather than Norton (we distribute them but they're a separate publisher).

    So glad you enjoyed the box!

  4. Those are great, great books, a credit to Bully's taste.

    I'm just chiming in though because that cat is a dead ringer for my own.

    That's just how crazy cat people roll.

  5. Love the photoshop.

    Yes, that means I already stole it.

  6. Hey! That's MY cat! Give her back!

    Lulu! Lulu! Get back here.

    Why are so many of your posts dated into the future? Wait a second, it actually is August, 2007 and I overslept again, didn't I? Frig!! What the hell was in that drink anyway?

  7. Anything 'future dated' is because I am out the door on the way to work and don't want to forget, hence a 3pm post when I leave at 230pm.


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