Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool Golden Age Page of the Day: Aren't they all two-faced?

Beautiful model/actress/super star Nadya had one side of her face scarred in an accident and for revenge embarked on a reign of terror! In short order Nadya became the mastermind of an organized crime ring specializing in theft and the murder of those she felt had wronged her!

Nadya's killing spree finally came to an end when an opening door knocked her off balance and she fell out a high window to plummet to a scrunchy death. Another villain gets what they deserve! Don't miss the subtle message of this tale: That unattractive women are better off dead!

Hmm, where did I see that story before? Oh, yes. Here it is.

Cool Page from Super-Mystery Comics v4, #2 (April 1944).



  1. You had me at "scrunchy death." (O death, where is thy scrunch?)

  2. I agree. "Scrunchy death" is tops! Don't girls tie their hair back with "scrunchies?" There must be a lesson their somewhere.


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