Friday, July 06, 2007

Time is a raging something, that's for sure

In issue #13 of The All-New Atom #13 (September 2007) Gail Simone and the gang gives the readers an image for the girls (and some guys) that will undoubtedly be posted and dissected for meaning on some sort of out-of-context comic book website forty years from now.

Subliminal? Not so much. Subtle? Nope. Chronos gets creepy when Gail & Team slaps the reader right across the face with the idea that heroes and villains do what they do not for the nebulous concepts of right or wrong, but because it helps them scratch an itch. Why else would someone who can bend time, warp space or control the weather rob a jewelry store?

Limitless Power = Eternal Erection?

It isn't a new idea. Moore, Ellis and others have explored the concept. Even Mike Grell hinted that the Black Canary only wore her fishnet togs* because it helped Ollie in the bedroom after a battle. Thankfully, the creative team didn't have the bad guy doing pelvic thrusts and humping legs like they do with the evil Doctor Light whenever he shows up.

Note: Gail Simone is made of gold Awesomite.


* If you don't get goosebumps from that reference, you have no comic book geek cred and are a comic book poser. The worst of all possible posers.


  1. Not only eternal, but double erections.

  2. How much awesome can Gail Simone shove into a page? A lot of awesomeness!


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