Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Futura - Chapter 19

Planet Comics #61 introduces a few new villains who serve as the impetus for Futura's battle for freedom. The series is in high gear for the next several issues, though it admittedly reworks some elements of the Brain-Men of Pan-Cosmos. Futura is still on Oceania but is pulled into a secret city ruled by tyrannical decapitated heads that are on life-support. Again, Futura surprises the heck out of the fiends that rule their petty kingdoms by fighting back, something that lord and ladies just don't expect from a subservient and frightened class of subjugated peoples.

The Futura Saga has a mere three issues remaining until it comes to a conclusion. Many of the long-running series featured in Planet Comics come to a close within the following year and Futura was among the first. Changing consumer tastes and market expectations meant the end of many of the decades-long running serials. The Comics Code Authority and nascent Silver Age style of storytelling that was perfected at DC Comics in the early 1960s meant that anthology collections of disposable one-off stories were to become the norm.

Among the Fiction House titles it was Planet Comics that would prove the most adaptable to changing tastes and evolved with more success than the Western or Jungle-based tales but being unable or unwilling to compete with other forms of entertainment that was gaining ground the entire Fiction House line of books would soon become another casualty of the fickle retail market.

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