Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Nights That Never Ended

This is a good romantic cover. The world outside of Michele and Dean's relationship is unimportant and ignored. One could interpret this as Michele focusing on the surprising presence of her supposedly deceased fiance to the point that he is her whole world. But what I think is really going on here is that she is also dead and stranded in purgatory but is not yet aware of her situation.

Overlay a different DC title header onto the original book and it easily transforms from a tale of heartbreak into horror. Michele is accepting of her dreary, empty existence until she unexpectedly reunites with her dead fiance and then reality begins to crumble. The world doesn't really exist except maybe as some ill-defined purgatorial construct of the heroine that will fade only when she realizes she and Dean will be together forever in the afterlife.

From Heart Throbs #92 (November 1964).

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