Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hey! My All-Seeing Eyes are up here, creep!

Wow, the 90s. I hope by focusing in on the torso of Pele the artist was making a point about the pandering hyper-sexualization and blatant sales-grubbing cheesecake art of the era. Then again the creative crew may have defined human nature perfectly. There are basically two options to witnessing a ridiculously attractive demi-godess striding from a churning pool of molten lava and declaring she would destroy the Hawaiian islands with super-volcanoes: One is to run screaming the opposite direction and the other is to plan on how you are going to score with her.

Panels from X-Force #81 (September 1998).

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  1. Pele looks like PJ Harvey instead of Tori Amos? I am surprised but pleased.

    Personally, I am wary of talk about how one would or would not react in the face of undeniable deity. It's like saying how you'd react under actual gunfire. Usually braggadocio and occasionally an all-too-confessional admission of cowardice.


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