Friday, June 25, 2010


Got sent this yesterday by a pal who works at BBC America (he/she is the one who gets me all those awesome DVDs for the new UK shows). if true, all I can say is: Holy. Crap.

From the press release:
Who Is Johnny Depp?

International film star Johnny Depp has been confirmed to play the part of time traveling Doctor Who in the big screen treatment of the same name slated for a Summer 2012 release. The wildly successful science fantasy television program Doctor Who has been a staple of British TV since the early 1960s. Syndicated internationally, the show about an exiled Lord of Time has seen a resurgence in recent years, particularly among the audiences of the United States where the show has enjoyed high-ratings on BBC America and the SyFy Channel.

Long-time producer of the television series Russell T. Davies reported that the reason he moved on from the show was due to the opportunity to transform the Doctor to the big screen. "Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters is a regeneration for the character beyond the usual one. A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans. There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance."

In a telephone interview actor Johnny Depp was brief about the project due to contractual obligations, however he revealed some choice plot twists: "The Doctor will absolutely have a serious romance. I can not reveal who my co-star is yet but I'm told she is a strong, lovely actress that everyone knows and is perfect for the part." Johnny Depp revealed one other aspect of the Doctor, that of his secret past: "The Doc is always portrayed as this mysterious Demi-God. Russell has penned this wonderful, exciting script that humanizes this all-powerful alien. The Doctor is actually given a name in the film, I'm told he never really has one. He also acts like a Physician in more than just his title. He's called The Doctor for a reason. His mission is to journey through time and space with a crew of volunteers treating humanity's illnesses brought on by invading aliens. He cures the bubonic plague and then goes to Africa to fight Ebola. The film will be very human and relevant and have a great message."

Doctor Who begins filming in 2011 for a Summer 2012 release.


  1. I don't know about this. Johnney Depp sounds like a cool choice to play the Doctor but everything else that gets mentioned isn't getting me excited. Call em old-fashioned but I don't like the idea of giving the Doctor a "serious romance". Plus his mysterious past is part of what makies the Doctor the cool character he is. Do we really need to know his name?

  2. This is along the lines of the Eric Idle/Pamela Anderson/rapping TARDIS/street-wise kid companion rumor that floated around before the Paul McGann movie. And look how that panned out.
    Rusty Davies is pitching other things to the US, and the BBC wouldn't let the rights to the character go very easily, if at all.
    I would, however like a two-hour episode with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The 45-minute episode format cramps the shows ability to tell a story well.

  3. Oh come on, it's not even well written. That's absolute garbage, in fact it sounds like it's intentionally been written to bait Doctor Who fans by going against everything that makes the character work.

  4. Oh it's that Pirates guy. He was good in Benny & Joon, haven't liked him in anything since.

    My first reaction to the photo was, "Holy crap, Gordon Freeman's got a Tardis! I wonder if Daleks are gravity-gun-proof."

  5. It does read like a calculated wind up, and I believe it is.

    SFX contacted Russell T Davies, and he denies it. Further info at

  6. Good to hear from you. And the idea of Depp as the Doc was interesting while it lasted.


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