Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Here is one of several photos that are stored on the wife's cellphone that she can easily scroll to and show someone who doesn't understand sign language. They are chosen to aid her in communication for when she is out on her own so she does not have to resort to trial and error via gestures, pen and paper or typing out her request on the phone's text screen.

This minimalist image was designed by me to inform a cashier how she would like the twenty dollar bill she received as change from a purchase broken down into smaller currency. I made it a little arty so it wasn't boring but not so much that the average cashier couldn't grasp the message.

Other photos consists of a large simple 911 to request emergency services and the familiar symbol for the woman's restroom. The photo that gets more use than I'd like is the nice clear image of her damn cigarette brand to show to a cashier. That one is included only so I'm not the one who is forced to purchase her cancer sticks. If my wife can't overcome her addiction to death-by-inches then I'm not going to assist her with the purchase any more than I have to.

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