Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tool-Using Killer Tree

The most interesting part of this feature is the tool-using killer tree. Preternaturally strong, wicked-fast and covered with (probably toxic) barbs the plant decides that isn't enough in the arsenal and figures it still requires something pointed to practice the overkill skills on. As noted previously, the Fiction House Universe is an angry and hungry Universe.
That's like arming a tiger with a sword. Then again, elephants have been known to pack some heat on occasion.

Planet Comics #60 (May 1949).

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  1. You're assuming the broken-off pointed objects were intended as weapons. But would a tree creature necessarily think that?

    "Stop, human! I was only going to offer to dig termites out from under your bark with these traditional termite digger sticks! It's our equivalent of a handshake! Argh!"

    "But I grew these myself for you! Ow!"

    "So you don't want to play Eunice the Unicorn meets her identical twin? It's my favorite game!"


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