Monday, April 03, 2006

2005 Pigasus Awards

From the March 2006 newsletter of my personal hero, James Randi...


April 1st is here, and it's time to give out the coveted Pigasus Awards. The categories change somewhat from year to year, and this time we have five to share with you. As my readers will know, these are announced via ESP to the winners, who are of course allowed to predict their winning of this honor by precognition. The Flying Pig trophies are sent to the winners via psychokinesis. We send; if they don't receive, it's perhaps due to their lack of PK ability.
The Pigasus Award is to science what the Razzie is to Hollywood. The award recognizes those responsible for ignoring reality in favor of foolishness and superstition, sometimes with dangerous consequences to people, as in Category #3.

This month Randi's newsletter Swift Online is written by guest commentators while The Amazing One recovers from heart surgery*. Entries of interest are the topics Teaching and Educating Future Critical Thinkers and the recommended site Butterflies and Wheels .

Check it out!

* Don't pray for Randi's recovery, you just may kill him. This means you, Sylvia! Uri, you stop that right now!

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