Thursday, April 13, 2006

Grocery Store Artifact: Cheese & Confrontation Management

The flap of a shipping box containing blocks of delicious cheese is printed with instructions that are for careful package opening and to prevent spoilage.

But it can also be used as an informational notice for when you have to deal with insane people. It's like a 'No Smoking' sign for the hostile.

"Dude, put away the knife. Can't you read?"

I'm thinking of wearing it for my next trip into Baltimore.


  1. Why a razor? Is it really likely that some random employee (probably called Clint) would think "Hmm, I need to cut up this cheese. How handy that I have this Bic disposable in my pocket."

    Or to give equal opportunities snark, how often do you find Doreen on the checkout has been at the cheese with her Ladyshave?

  2. Gather round, you emo punks. Got a message here, sharp as a laser. Listen to what I'm laying down:


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