Saturday, April 15, 2006

Comic Book Ad: Superman vs the Giant Cyclops

I would have totally paid 40 cents to see this in wax form at the 1964 world's Fair.

I have the idea, though, that this scene did not occur in reality. Young comic book readers dragging their parents into the museum expecting to see Supes in a fight scene with a monster were in all likelihood disappointed. I would say it was a almost certain that the two figures were just positioned in standard department store mannequin-like poses and probably not even in proximity to the other.

Too bad. That would rule.


  1. Here's the closest you or I will ever get.

    Man, I love the architecture of the '64 World's Fair. (Not that I've ever been there, but my favorite fun comic of all time in The Flintstones at the 1964 World's Fair.)

  2. Thanks Bully. It looks just like the San Diego art museum. I kid you not. Right to the pattern above the doors.

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