Tuesday, April 11, 2006

They killed the wrong Robin

For this panel alone I will rejoice the day Dick Grayson gets a good, hard gacking.

- From the incorrectly named World's Finest Comics #196 (December 1970).


  1. God, the fight would be over in the time it would take me to yell that battle cry.

  2. Yeah, but Batman's used to it: he used to call Wonder Woman "W. W.", for pete's sake, which takes longer to say than "Wonder Woman."

  3. I've long noticed a live-action version of that sort of thing, on TV's "ER", where they invariably refer to gunshot wounds as "G.S.W." (e.g. "19 year old male, G.S.W. to the chest.")

    The show seems to be pretty accurate with terminology, so it wouldn't surprise me if that non-brief abbreviation is actually used in real life too.


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